System Integration

Make Your IT Solutions Work Better Together

We configure, deploy and integrate a variety of IT infrastructure, video surveillance and biometric solutions into a single technology stack for ease of operations.

Challenges System Integrations Solve

Inefficient Workflows
Data Silos
Difficulty Scaling & Adapting
Security and Compliance Risks

IT Infrastructure

Data storage, computing and networking equipment configuration and deployment into a cohesive technology stack.

Integrate existing or new solutions from DELL, Cisco or other global vendors to ensure data integrity and business process efficiency, without compromising for security across legacy systems, cloud, and on-premises applications.

Video Surveillance

Leading vendor video surveillance, management, and analytics product deployment and integration into a cohesive technology stack.

Protect valuable business assets or monitor people or transport flows with video solutions.


Biometric fingerprint scanners, face recognition or forensic devices and identity verification solutions for enterprise and government customers.

Ensure secure access control, fraud prevention and personal data protection with solutions from leading vendors integrated into your work environment.

Our System Integration Services

IT infrastructure audit
Implementation consultations
Integration and management of network, data storage, computing and security
Solution configuration
Technical support
End-user and administrator training
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Analytics Tools

Identify hidden connections,
enhance decision-making, and improve efficiency
with data you already have.
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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Help your organization build, migrate,
update and run applications.
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About Supporting Enterprise Digitalization from 2021 to 2027

As a part of the Latvian Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, a substantial amount of 1.6 billion EUR has been made available. Notably, a significant portion of 183.5 million EUR is specifically designated for digital transformation initiatives!

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