IBM Cloud Solutions

Secure Hybrid Cloud for Enterprises

Hybrid cloud solutions that combine Red Hat innovations with IBM industry expertise and tools from analytics to artificial intelligence.

IBM hybrid cloud solutions provide a common platform to use and manage your infrastructure whether it is on cloud, on-premises, edge or a combination of all.  The hybrid platform is based on industry leading hybrid and multi-cloud automation tools Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. IBM Cloud leverages a portfolio of security tools for enterprises that require exceptionally secure and resilient cloud infrastructure.

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Flex Cloud Solutions

Secure, dedicated, and controlled cloud environment for your organization, ensuring data privacy, control, and compliance.

Red Hat Cloud Services

A cloud platform based on open source solutions that are stabilized and supported by a global vendor.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

A modular platform of integrated data collection, organzining and analysis components to help get from disparate data to insights faster.