Implementation of a Remote Fire Detection and Surveillance System AUANS

Remote fire detection and surveillance system (AUANS) developed by “DATI Group” detects smoke and plots events on a real-time map and enables the collection and analysis of information that can be used in decision making.

AUANS is an innovative solution for forest fire prevention: a unique smoke detection algorithm, system performance and speed, optimized data transmission speed, centralized and duplicated data processing, user access via a web browser.

During the project, the solution was installed on 12 Riga regional forestry fire surveillance towers. The system is centrally managed by Inčukalns forest fire station management center.

The AUANS system developed by “DATI Group” improves forest fire detection speed, thus reducing the forest area affected by the fire. In addition to greenhouse gas emissions, a large amount of PM2.5 particles are produced during forest fires. By lowering the number of forest fires, the PM2.5 air pollution that causes health problems is lowered as well.

Since deployment in the spring of 2021 the system has detected more than 20 forest fires.‍