Artificial Intellingence Tools for Smarter Digital Data Screening

Help law enforcement and businesses to identify and screen data faster and smarter.

From organized and financial crime to violent extremism, and even crimes against children.

Main products

CORE (Content Review Engine)- Media data screening tool for enterprises, institutions and government agencies. Our media classification API solution to detect illegal and harmful content shared or hosted online as well as recovered from digital devices.

LEAP (Law Enforcement Analytics Platform)- Supporting law enforcement around the globe with digital forensics. Our platform to quickly analyze data from smartphone extractions and other digital storage media.

BIOCAPTURE- Touchless, smartphone-based fingerprint capturing SDK for Android and iOS. : Fully AFIS compatible. With the power of this cutting-edge solution, your smartphone's camera becomes a powerful tool for capturing high-quality fingerprints, opening up a world of possibilities for law enforcement agencies, security professionals, and beyond.

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