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Cloud Solutions and System Integration

From providing, installing, and maintaining the necessary equipment for classic infrastructure to building, installing, and maintaining cloud technologies that are tailored to your organization.

Red Hat solutions bring together open-source technologies with enterprise scale service in a proven OpenStack-based public or private cloud.
Products we offer: RedHat Cloud Suite; RedHat Ansible; RedHat CEPH; RedHat Openshift; RedHat Openstack.
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FLEX Cloud

FLEX Cloud is a range of customized cloud solutions for your enterprise based on a leading open-source solution.
Products we offer: FLEX Cloud, FLEX App, FLEX Net.

IBM Cloud

The IBM cloud platform combines platform as a service with infrastructure as a service to provide an integrated cloud experience.

Red Hat

Red Hat solutions bring together open, community-powered innovation with enterprise scale and confidence — empowering businesses to deliver new, differentiated applications and services on a flexible, scalable, and proven OpenStack public or private cloud.


VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is an on-premises, fully-managed Data Center as-a-Service solution.
Products we offer: vCloud Suite, vCenter, vRealize, vSphere, vSAN.

Analytic and Forensic Software

We offer software from world-leading vendors to help you leverage digital intelligence. We provide the needed integration services and offer end-user and administrator trainings.

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Harris i2

i2 Group is a world leader in intelligence analysis software. For more than 30 years they have empowered intelligence analysts and investigators to discover, create, and exploit actionable intelligence to identify the perpetrators of criminal activity.
Products we offer: i2 Analyst’s Notebook, i2 Analysis Studio, i2 Analysis Hub, i2 iBase.


From a visual analysis tool that helps you turn data into intelligence to a  Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, IBM analytical tools help your security teams accurately detect and prioritize threats.
Products we offer: IBM QRadar.


Forensic technologies for mobile device examination, with a focus on the recovery of data from devices.
Products we offer: XRY, XAMN, MSAB Field.


A digital intelligence platform, which, through mobile forensics tools, provides a complete and objective picture of evidence.
Products we offer: UFED.


Software and hardware solutions that can equip you with the digital intelligence you need.
Software solutions we offer: AccessData, Berla, Briefcam, Elcomsoft, Graykey, Magnet Forensics, Opentext, Oxygen Forensics, Passware, Vound, X-ways.Hardware solutions: Sumuri, Supermicro workstations, Tableau writeblockers and duplicators.

Software Development

We develop and provide support for a customized Passenger Name Record (PNR) software, create customized risk profiling, monitoring, and management software.

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Maintaining the optimal performance of your infrastructure, hardware, and your local computer network by providing infrastructure audit, consulting, maintenance, and repair services.


Our experience executing locally and internationally significant projects from system integration to the development of critical infrastructure.

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About us

With innovative information and communication technology solutions, we are creating a meaningful world. For more than 20 years, we have provided critical ICT infrastructure services that are tailored to your needs.

Our team has experience and competence in ensuring successful infrastructure set-up that is unique in the Latvian market: based on open code, reliable, secure, and independent from external suppliers.

Quality standards
Since 2004, our services are certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.

Since 2007, we have an Industrial Facility Security Clearance by National Security Agency of Latvia, which gives the right to work with projects and institutions that contain sensitive information.

Environmental policy
DATI Group has the technical and professional capacity to meet environmental and energy performance requirements according to ISO 14001:2015, with a developed environmental policy regarding raw material consumption, choice and use of energy resources, and waste management.

"DATI Group", Ltd. processes personal data in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679.