Passenger Name Record System

Using the Passenger Name Record System, the law enforcement and national security authorities can proactively assess safety risks for air passengers entering or leaving the country.

Data collected from the Passenger Name Register System enable the law enforcement and national security authorities to identify in good time persons between air passengers who may pose a terrorism or other security threats, thereby providing technical support to combat serious crimes.

Resource and Incident Management System

A centralized resource and incident management system aimed at ensuring the functioning of the organization’s management and operational processes.

The system's management module ensures that all types of technical resources and materials are accounted for and managed, while scheduling is carried out by ensuring the maintenance of shift schedules and the control of the working time planned by employees.

Operational processes include incident management, provision of e-services. Incident management functionality ensures that all incidents are recorded and maintained. The system also maintains information on all types of assignments for users to perform their duties. The maintenance of information on e-services, i.e. the processing of applications and applications registered in the system and received from the external systems.

Monitoring and Risk Profiling System

An information system that provides online tracking of the procedures for entry and departure of foreign nationals crossing the State border. The system provides an on-line verification of personal and vehicle data using national internal and external databases.

The verification of one natural or legal person in the various registers connected with the system is carried out in less than 10 seconds. This is supported by a built-in workflow mechanism, 24/7 accessibility, centralized notification functionality and extensive data processing capabilities.

Software Development

We develop and support customized cloud-ready software, including AI functions, i.e. machine-learning assisted risk profiling.

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