ReCoTOS: Vectorization-based Resource-saving Computing Task Optimization

In accordance with the Contract No concluded with the Central Financial and Agreement Agency on May 9, 2019, the IT Centre executed the “Centre for Information and Communication Technology Competencies” project.

In summer 2019, the project approved three new research initiatives, including research project “ReCoTOS: Vectorization-based Resource-saving Computing Task Optimization”.

The aim of the study is to improve the computing capacity of legacy infrastructure by creating a set of solutions that make it easier to optimize computing tasks and improve their performance by reducing the required infrastructure capacity. The solution resulting from the study, with less physical resources, will be able to meet the capacity requirements needed to carry out ever-increasing computing tasks.

So far a 47% execution time reduction was achieved for cosmic debris detection and analytics software (KANA) used by the Ventspils International Radioastronomy centre (VIRAC).

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the specific objective of “Increase private investment in R & D”, measure "Aid for the development of new products and technologies within the competence centres of the Operational Programme “Growth and Jobs” 1.2.1.