Introduction of a Multifunctional Big Data Analytics Platform Service Using a Sustainable Container Data Center

On 11.01.2022. SIA DATI Group and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia have signed an agreement No. NP-2021/16 on project " Introduction of a multifunctional big data analytics platform service using a sustainable container data center" implementation, and have already started project implementation activities.

The goal of the project is to increase the productivity and competitiveness of SIA DATI Group by introducing a new service – a multifunctional big data analytics platform that will be based on a private cloud solution set up in a sustainable container data center. The project will be carried out in the field of information and communication technology: big data and cloud computing.

The new cloud solution platform will feature big data analytics tools including a resource-efficient computing task optimization solution (RECOTOS) that was developed by the applicant during a research project and that will ensure the efficiency of computing task execution.

By introducing the new service, the Project applicant will gain a competitive advantage over other solutions offered in the market thanks to its multifunctionality: big data analysis functionality, development tool availability and data backup functionality. The set-up of the new service will utilize software-defined infrastructure (SDI) principles, the big data functionality will utilize a resource-efficient computing task optimization solution and adapted open code solutions, while simultaneously using computing infrastructure from an energy-neutral data center with reduced electricity consumption costs.

The infrastructure required to provide the service will be set up in an energy-neutral container data center to ensure sustainability and longevity of operations for the platform with minimal environmental impact. The container data center will feature green technology solutions that will reduce both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will have a positive effect on the environment because the equipment used to deliver the new service (servers, switches, etc.) will be more energy-efficient than the Project applicant’s current equipment. According to the energy auditor’s calculations, the CO2 emission reduction will equal 76,63 tCO2/year and energy consumption reduction will equal 729,47 MWh/year.

The project execution will involve an external partner from Norway: engineering company Norsk Energi, which operates in the field of energy management and energy-efficient technical solution development and implementation. As part of the partnership, Norsk Energi will share the best practice approaches regarding the technical solutions of the energy-neutral container data center, including heating transfer solutions.

Main project activities:
   1. Purchase of hardware and relevant software:
       1.1. Servers, switches and their software
       1.2. Container data center technical hardware and equipment;
       1.3. Support equipment set;
   2. Activities related to introduction of the new service:
       2.1. Employee engagement in the development and provision of the new service;
   3. Knowledge transfer activities with project partner from the donor country (Norway);
   4. Information and communication activities.

Planned project results:
   • 1 set of servers, switches and software;
   • 1 sustainable container data center with the necessary equipment;
   • 1 set of support equipment;
   • 4 employee contracts;
   • 1 partnership contract;
   • 9 information and communication events

The project’s total costs amount to 736 768,19 EUR out of which 623 932,55 EUR are eligible costs. The planned financial support from Norway equals to 343 162,90 or 55% of the project’s eligible costs.



"DATI Group" Ltd. continues to implement Project No. NP-2021/16 "Introduction of a multifunctional big data analytics platform service using a sustainable container data center". Procurements have been made and concluded repeatedly for the supply of Container data center technical hardware and equipment and Servers. The installation of the container is planned within the previously scheduled deadline until 31.12.2022, while the server delivery terms have extended until 31.03.2023. As a result of the above, an amendment to the Agreement with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia has been initiated, regarding the extension of the Project implementation period until the end of 2023.

At the same time, other project implementation activities are carried out. Deliveries of the Support equipment set have been completed, as well as development of the new service is continuing.



Container Data Center Opening Event in Ķipsala

At the event we presented the solution of the new service - multifunctional big data analytics platform for business and research needs, based on open source technologies. Shared the experience of how we attracted Norwegian financial instruments and norwegian partner Norsk Energi for the project. Talked about available financial support tools for digitization and sustainability.



SIA "DATI Group" continues the implementation of Project No. NP-2021/16, "Introduction of a multifunctional big data analytics platform service using a sustainable container data center".

At the moment, all servers, switches, and supporting software have been fully delivered, and the installation in the data center container is underway.

During the visit, the representative from the Norwegian partner, "Norsk Energi", was introduced to the selected technical solution, and all the requisite data for the subsequent preparation of recommendations were compiled.

In September, a return visit of SIA "DATI Group" is planned for the purpose of exchanging experiences with the Norwegian partner.

The project implementation is proceeding according to the schedule. It is planned to complete the project by December 31, 2023.



The DATI Group team had a great opportunity to visit our collaborative partner, Norsk Energy, one of the world's leading companies providing consultancy in energy efficiency.

During the visit, we learnt about data center management practices from Norwegian industry representatives and how to make our services more sustainable in the Green Summit 2023.



Introduction of a multifunctional big data analytics platform service using a sustainable container data center

SIA "DATI Group" has successfully completed Project No. NP-2021/16 "Introduction of a multifunctional big data analytics platform service using a sustainable container data center."

During the period from 09.11.2023 to 29.02.2024, all remaining tasks related to the development and testing of the new service in the deployed infrastructure have been completed. The public events concluding the project have been held, where stakeholders were informed about the progress of the project, and the installed equipment was demonstrated.

All planned fees related to adopting best practices for the optimal heat storage and diversion system of the new service's supporting infrastructure have been received from the project partner, the Norwegian company Norsk Energi.

As a result of the project implementation, 4 new jobs have been created, and employment has been provided for 2 individuals with unfavorable employment status.

SIA "DATI Group" expresses gratitude to all who were involved in the project for the successful realization.

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