Experimental Development of Electromagnetic Signal Identification System AMATA

On September 20, 2021, DATI Group Ltd. signed a contract No. VP-L-2020/60 with Latvian Investment and Development Agency on the provision of financial support to businesses according to European Regional Development Fund project “Technology transfer program”, No. In accordance with this contract DATI Group received a voucher No. VP-V-2020/60 for the development of a new software product.

“DATI Group” develops an “Electromagnetic signal identification system AMATA“ – a product that is created for radio spectrum analysis for radio and communication device manufacturers, communication device and sensory system operation supervisor institutions, as well as protection and security industry organizations.

Unlike existing systems in the market, AMATA is an automated solution with structured algorithms and no vendor-specific device requirements. The solution provides:
   • Radio frequency spectrum analysis according to defined parameters and radio frequency plans
   • Signal identification and registration, event detection and locking algorithm
   • Registered signal database development and maintenance for both immediate and detailed analysis
   • Registration result export
   • Result visualization interface tailored to customer needs.

Electromagnetic signal identification system AMATA is going to be developed as a product for a specific niche that will meet market demands and that will be a modern and user-friendly solution.