DATI Group launches a new sustainable product offering to the Baltic states market with support from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism







DATI Group launches a new sustainable product offering to the Baltic states market with support from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism

DATI Group, the leading IT infrastructure company of Latvia, has developed a multifunctional big data analytics platform FLEX Cloud Services. This platform is the first of its kind in the Baltic states, offering dedicated data hosting and analytics services. The FLEX Cloud Services is located in a cloud located within a container data center in Riga, Latvia. It will use solar energy to operate, and the heat generated by the equipment will be utilized to warm nearby office buildings. The total investment in the project amounts to EUR 736,768, of which 55% is covered by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (NFM) support program for small and medium-sized businesses.

“The FLEX Cloud Services development project can be divided into two parts – the creation of the physical data centre and the development of services. In collaboration with Norsk Energi, we have created a sustainable, energy-neutral data centre in a container. This allows us to provide hosting and analytics services unique for the Baltic states, tailored to simplify the development and test environments. Analyzing the current market for cloud services, we are confident in the competitiveness of FLEX Cloud Services not only in the domestic market but also internationally. We plan for at least 30% of our customers to be from outside of Latvia,” explains Rasa Gulbe, Board Member of DATI Group.

The product created in Latvia challenges global players

FLEX Cloud Services, created in Latvia, will challenge cloud services in the international market with development environments tailored to open technologies in line with EU legislation. FLEX Cloud Services will offer pre-configured and affordable development tools to get you started, which are especially important for IT developers, system administrators and business developers. In addition, the storage of customer data will be ensured in accordance with European Union laws and regulations.

Rasa Gulbe emphasizes that “Latvia has huge IT export potential – knowledgeable specialists, global experience and a practical approach to solving business challenges. Often, the only thing missing is the investment to use this potential. Owing to the Norwegian Financial Instrument, we have this opportunity.”

Sustainable services – the new standard for the IT industry

Sustainable data centres deliver the highest security and capacity with the smallest ecological footprint. Taking an example from cryptocurrency miners, DATI Group opted for an efficient and flexible way of locating the data centre in an easily expandable container instead of constructing a building. The solution was developed in cooperation with Norski Energi, Norway’s leading energy consultancy company. Norwegian experts provided guidance on creating a heat storage and redirection system for the installed infrastructure, conducting an evaluation for the procurement and management of solar panels. Thanks to the implemented heat transfer system, the project will prevent the release of 76.63 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the environment. Furthermore, the heat generated by the equipment will be effectively utilized to warm the nearby office complex.

Demand for data centres is growing

The DATI Group product aims to enhance the work of the technical team by facilitating more efficient and higher quality collaboration between IT developers, system administrators and business developers. FLEX Cloud Services can be used to build the technological basis for the faster development of digital products. Recent trends show a steadily growing demand for increasingly larger data centre capacity. As a result, data centres are getting bigger but their efficiency is not keeping pace, and new, sustainable solutions must be found to provide capacity.

Project No. NP-2021/16 “Establishment of a new service multifunctional big data analytics platform in a sustainable container data centre” is co-financed with support from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Learn more about FLEX Cloud services here www.theflexcloud.com