Cybersecurity Conference "CyberCommando's Meetup"







Cybersecurity Conference "CyberCommando's Meetup"

We invite you to the cybersecurity conference "CyberCommando's Meetup" organized by our cooperation partner, Headtechnology, on October 26th of this year, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, at the conference center "ATTA Centre," 60 Krasta Street, Riga.

It is increasingly challenging to understand and assess how each organization is currently "at risk" and what risks or shortcomings may have gone unnoticed by their specialists or chosen third-party service providers. Equally complex is navigating through directives, regulations, Cabinet of Ministers' regulations, and other documents, as well as the suitability of proposed technological solutions.

Our goal is to create an understanding of the tools needed to address the challenges posed by the EU NIS2 directive and the growing cybersecurity threat of artificial intelligence.

In addition to demonstrations of the latest technologies, the event will feature recognized industry experts, including the founder of the Latvian Cyberpsychology Association, who will provide insights into the psychological profiles of digital criminals, a hacker from Estonia, local "white hat" hackers (CEH), the popular influencer Elviss Strazdiņš, who has replicated the voices of many well-known individuals with his "deep-fake" performances, the latest information on ongoing cyber wars, system hacking demonstrations, and other presentations.

CyberCommando's Meetup will bring together high-level ICT professionals from local, regional, and international companies, public and critical infrastructure sectors, financial institutions, and technology communities.

The full event program and registration are available at

The conference will be conducted in Latvian and English. Pre-registration is required for participation, and the number of seats is limited."