Analytic and Forensic Software

We offer software from world-leading vendors to help you leverage digital intelligence. We provide the needed integration services and offer end-user and administrator trainings.


Eliminating mobile data extraction barriers, XRY lets forensic specialists as well as field and frontline users extract more high-quality data in less time than ever before, while fully maintaining the integrity of the evidence.

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Over 32,500 device profiles supported with a secure reporting throughout the chain of custody

Significant increase in extraction and decoding support for the latest Android and iOS versions

Includes XRY Photon for acquiring unencrypted data from encrypted apps, when other methods don’t work


Based on OpenStack, one of the largest cloud computing platforms: elastic, inexpensive, secure and adaptive to growing business needs

Configurable CPU class, number of cores, RAM, and storage media capacity

Horizontal scaling of computing and storage capacity as needed

Software-defined data storage, virtualization and networking services

Ultra-fast NVMe flash storage tier combined with large NL-SAS HDD capacity

Built-in failover, data replication, and disaster recovery

Vendor-agnostic hardware (Intel-x86)