Cloud Solutions and System Integration

From providing, installing, and maintaining the necessary equipment for classic infrastructure to building, installing, and maintaining cloud technologies that are tailored to your organization.


Eliminating barriers of transformation and growth for your enterprise with a leading open-source cloud infrastructure.

FLEXCloud is a private cloud platform based on hyperconverged infrastructure that enables the virtualization of your hardware and provides ease of management of your resources, to scale your ICT infrastructure capacity according to your needs.

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Configuration adaptable to business needs

Reliable: increased uptime for business continuity

Fast, proven and stable virtualization platform

Large data storage and availability adaptable to business needs

Less complex, fast switching storage networking

No proprietary licensing or vendor-lock


Based on OpenStack, one of the largest cloud computing platforms: elastic, inexpensive, secure and adaptive to growing business needs

Configurable CPU class, number of cores, RAM, and storage media capacity

Horizontal scaling of computing and storage capacity as needed

Software-defined data storage, virtualization and networking services

Ultra-fast NVMe flash storage tier combined with large NL-SAS HDD capacity

Built-in failover, data replication, and disaster recovery

Vendor-agnostic hardware (Intel-x86)